About me

Obviously, my name’s Christopher. But, there’s a lot you might now know about me and I guess you’d want to since you clicked meet me… 

I have an academic background with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Management Communication and a Master’s Degree in Corporate Communication both from Aarhus University.

Professionally, I have worked at Grundfos. Now I work for Dynaudio. I’m the Content Manager, but I also manage our Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Should you ever happen to come across our (and by ‘our’ I mean Dynaudio’s) Ask The Expert series, you’ll probably notice that I am the one hosting it.

IMG_9462To give you an idea about who I am: I am a firm believer in positive reinforcement, I believe acknowledging people is always the right thing to do, I’m a huge Gary Vaynerchuck fan, I was a good golfer, lover of dogs, and enjoy good coffee very much – with an Americano being my favorite.


Facts about me:

  • I have an MA in Corporate Communication.
  • Born on 12 April 1990 (you should be able to figure out my age from that nugget).
  • I have been with Skanderborg Golf Club for more than ten years: as a volunteer coach, played for the club in Denmark’s second tier Golf league, and now as a Social Media Editor.
  • I have worked with Social Media professionally at Grundfos and now Dynaudio: both are International brands from Denmark with premium products that are among the best in their respective industry.


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