Would you like a cup of coffee?

Would you like a cup of coffee?

Dear friends, colleagues, and extended network.

I need your likes, shares, and help!

This coming August, my time as a student will come to an end, and I am therefore looking for new opportunities.

I am currently working at Grundfos, where I have had the pleasure of going to work almost every day for the past year. I have had a variety of different tasks and responsibilities during that year, but most noteworthy has perhaps been my function as a Community Manager for Grundfos’ official social media platforms. But, you can read more about that on my profile.

I have already had a great start to my job hunt, a process where I have spoken with many very interesting people, but I want to pursue every avenue available to me. One avenue I believe very strongly in, is that of building strong relationships with the people around me; as this is the best investment you can make in life.

So, dear friends and colleagues, if you’d like to catch up, send me a PM here on LinkedIn, and I’ll buy us a cup of coffee … extended¬†network, if you find me interesting and would like to have a chat and make a new, and in the word’s most warm and friendly connotation, connection, the same offer extends to you!

I look forward to getting coffee with all of you.

All the best,

Christopher Kjærulff