Video content doesn’t have to be difficult.

Video content doesn’t have to be difficult.

And, we really do keep it simple and agile. There isn’t a big production behind these episodes. No make-up for me or the guest, no script. We ‘steal’ a couple of coffee tables from the marketing office, use Christian Bennike’s DSLR camera (we shot the first episode with an iPhone!), bought a couple of cheap lights, and called our good friend Greg McQueen(he has done a ton of video interviews and has a cool mic).

Excerpt from article on LinkedIn.

That’s it. Then we shoot the episode. Christian directs, I stand awkwardly and pretend to do something, our guest is a rockstar, and Greg spends a day on editing. It really can be that simple. And with each time, we’ve managed to cut down time used on shooting (under five hours for the third episode).

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