The 5 challenges I’ve faced with Snapchat for microblogging and personal branding

The 5 challenges I’ve faced with Snapchat for microblogging and personal branding

For more than a week, I have been playing around with my new initiative on Snapchat, and it has been fun, but also challenging.

As I wrote last week, I am sharing my work day every day on Snapchat to show what it is like working in the marketing and communication business. You can read more about my reasons in my first update: A Snapchat adventure. 

I have had a lot of fun trying to share my day: capturing the fun moments, attempting to show some of the less fun tasks, and sharing how I go about my daily tasks, such as using Grammarly to spell check, contextual spelling, and sentence structure among other. And now, I want to share some of the challenges I have identified in the first couple of weeks.

Top 5 challenges of using Snapchat for microblogging and personal branding:

  1. Do people realize my snaps include sound? When I got to work last Monday, my colleague, and partner in this Snapchat adventure, Christian Bennike, said: “Your snap from last night pissed me off, I don’t care you’re working late on a Sunday.” But the thing is, he didn’t know I was speaking and sharing a tip on why I was looking at my mailbox because he had muted his phone. You can follow Christian’s snaps by adding: bennikec
  2. In which situations can you take a snap without seeming completely and utterly unprofessional to your colleagues who aren’t using Snapchat? I try to be conscious of this at all times, only snapchatting when it’s appropriate and slowly adjusting coworkers to this new media. However, one colleague thought it was our official channel and wanted to share something work related: big thumbs up for adapting and embracing new media!
  3. Should I share Snapchats on the weekend? I rarely work on the weekend, but I do keep tabs on our social media channels, write replies, and moderate our community, but it’s low key and nothing exciting: which might be the reason I should share it – it’s a big part of working with social media and community management.
  4. I have been struggling with what and when to share from my daily work: when am I actually doing something that’s shareable? When it happens that something is shareable, I often find myself caught up in the moment and forget about Snapchat, only to realize the missed opportunity when the moment has passed. I have to become more comfortable with using Snapchat as an integral part of my day perhaps.
  5. Right now, I feel like a fool when I share a video of myself speaking English. Yes, I do enjoy speaking and writing in English: it’s been an integral part of my education and work for many years. But, when it comes down to it, I probably don’t have any English speakers following me right now – but what if someone is an English speaker or an English speaker starts following? This video is unfortunately in Danish, but bear with me, I am learning!


Top 3 goals moving forward with Snapchat as a microblogging and personal branding tool:

  1. Share more of everything – and keep in mind that it can be an ecosystem of social media (Thanks, Guilla and Morten for some great questions and useful feedback!).
  2. Figure out how to make it a dialogue: how can it be more than a one-way channel?
  3. How to increase my following?!

As always, I am very keen to hear what you guys thinks, so please do share any and all thoughts in the comment section below: feedback is appreciated!