A Snapchat adventure

A Snapchat adventure

Hi guys,

For a long time, I have wanted to do some kind of blogging, which so far has resulted in a rather sporadic blogging frequency here on LinkedIn.

I wanted to blog to show people like me – students and those who have just graduated – what kind of challenges and tasks you face in the “real world” outside of school. Something that I missed during my studies; I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

I know many have felt/feel like me.

I never got comfortable with personal blogging – which is weird when I think of how much I enjoy writing for work – and breaking through the clutter is at best an uphill battle.

So, what to do? I suck at photography, so Instagram is out of the picture.

Then, my colleague, Christian, introduced me to Gary Vaynerchuk and showed me one of Vaynerchuk’s daily videos. In this video, Vaynerchuk showed what an any given day in his life looks like. And I got really excited about his extensive use of Snapchat: showing people his day and work quickly, authentically, honestly.

I’ve used Snapchat for a long time – and I really enjoy it. So I have decided to show my day and work, as much as possible, on Snapchat: focusing on my work with social media and content marketing. But doing it honestly and not just showing off the great assignments and cool meetings. But how the coffee sucks, how I had to wear the most god awful monkey suit this week: it’s true… (Follow me on Snapchat if you want to see it: clickbait), or if I get chewed out – hopefully not -, and when things are freaking amazing. The whole shebang.

I hope it will give an honest look at what working with social media, and content marketing might look like; what an average day entails; and that every day isn’t about strategy, photo shoots, and other fun things.

If you’re interested then follow me at chriskjaerulff directly from the app or scan the Snapchat logo here:

I’m starting tomorrow, Friday, and I’ll try to keep it in English, so keep an eye out for that My Story!

I hope you like the idea: any and all feedback is appreciated.

Cheers, Christopher

You can download SnapChat for iOS here or Andriod here.