Why you should care about lossless high fidelity audio

We believe the music you play should match your speakers, but we aren’t talking about different genres or which musician to choose – no, we are talking about the quality of the music. When we build a pair of speakers, our goal is to reproduce what the artists intended to record and that requires a proper quality of music.

This excerpt is from an interview I did with Pål Bråtelund, a Strategic Partnership Manager at TIDAL. You can read the full interview with Pål on Dynaudio.com/Dynaudio-Academy/.

Dynaudio’s innovation day

Dynaudio’s innovation day

Two long, but very rewarding, days are behind my colleagues and me. I was fortunate enough to accompany some of my very skilled and talented colleagues to Wolfsburg, Germany where we presented Volkswagen for the future of Dynaudio’s in-car sound systems and our innovative solutions.

Exciting stuff, I might add!

I played a minor role, as I presented our former, current, and upcoming marketing activities to promote Dynaudio in-car sound systems in Volkswagen cars, so we’ll quickly skip that, and jump to the real starlets of the show.

No, the reason for our visit was to offer Volkswagen an idea about the direction that Dynaudio Automotive is headed in. To do so, a long line of innovative solutions and prototypes within car audio were presented.

But the most entertaining presentation had to have been our concept in-car audio system in our brand new Passat. This concept system has a mind-boggling sound and boast an impressive soundstage: everyone that stepped out of it had a smile on their lips.

Besides this concept system, we also presented many other solutions, but these are at a stage where I can’t really share them, but only say that we have something to look forward to in car audio!

A big thanks goes out to Andreas, Patrick, Morten, Søren, Jan, Henrik, René, Jørgen,Cecilie, Axel, Bjarke, IdaMalte, JanXiaohui, and Lars for bringing me along and making this a huge experience.